Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Tiny Sweater Ornaments

I figured out how to make a tiny sweater ornament! I am using double strands of Baby Cashmere on 2 circs size 3.

I think I'm going to like making these little cuties!

Happy Knitting

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Elann Baby Cashmere

I just love the feel of Baby Cashmere! It's a baby alpaca, merino wool and cashmere blend. I double strand it and use size 6 or 7 needles.

I made this round baby blanket with a modified Pinwheel Sweater Pattern from Elann's free patterns. I just didn't put in sleeves and I added a ruffle.

Then I made the Bunny Blanket Buddy out of 4 strands of the Baby Cashmere knit on Size 11 needles.

Einstein Jacket

I met a wonderful lady last year at a knitting guild weekend get-a-way and she was wearing the Einstein Jacket. The simple construction and great look was inspiring! I finally got around to making one for my boss's daughter.

This picture is the pre-blocked stage... the sleeves looked much better after I blocked it! I was worried about the sleeves and I think I will do them slightly different next time.

I guess my "next time" is here because when my daughter saw this jacket she begged me to make her one! So, being a good mommy, I let her pick out her own yarn and I cast on!

The yarn for both of these is from Mystical Creation Yarns. The small one is a bulky merino and the pink one is wool/silk thick and thin yarn. I wasn't too happy with the thick and thin, but that's what you get for buying online! I do love thier yarns though.

Happy Knitting!

Blogging Again!

Ok, I'm going to try the blogging thing again. I will post pictures and some directions for the things that I knit. I'll share some of my thoughts on knitting books I own and my opinion of different yarns I've used. And I'm sure I'll share some ramblings of my life in general.

Hopefully, I will come across some Swaps, Contests or Knit-a-Long's to get involved with. Pass along links if you have them! I also want to make some tiny sweater ornaments, so if you've made some and you don't mind sharing... feel free to pass along any tips you have for making them! =)

Let's start off with my very first pair of socks. My youngest, Aiden, wanted me to make him some blue socks. Being an adventurous knitter that hadn't attempted socks, I bought some nice blue yarn and cast on. Every day he asked me if the socks were done. We had "try on" times to verify that the size was coming out correct. I even brought sock number 2 to the Red Sox game with me so I could get it done for my adorable anxious son. Finally, with both socks complete and an overpowering sense of pride, I presented my son with his "Blue Socks". He put them on... (they fit perfectly!)... walked 3 steps, thanked me, sat down, removed the socks and tossed them across the room - never to be worn again. Just one of the tragedies of being a Knitting Mom!

Happy Knitting!